Hanus, V.; Lebrun, J.; Lemort, V.
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27th AIVC and 4th Epic Conference "Technologies & sustainable policies for a radical decrease of the energy consumption in buildings", Lyon, France, 20-22 November 2006

This paper is based on the first Belgian case study developed in the frame of theIEA-ECBCS annex 48 project. It concerns an industrial building in whichsimultaneous cooling and heating demands subsist all along the year: boilers andchillers are working in parallel and nothing is currently done to recover thecondensers heat.In such existing building, one of the first energy retrofit to be considered consists ininstalling a heat pump between the chillers condensers and the hot water distribution,or in making the condensing temperature compatible with heating requirements.The COP of this heat recovery process is expected to overpass 3.Combined with the efficiency of a modern TGV power plant (~55%), this COP makesheat pumping using less than one half of the primary energy consumed by the bestboiler available.And the CO2 emission is reduced in proportion