Development and application of test cases for comparing vertical ground heat exchanger models

The main objective of this paper is to establish a set of test cases for analytical verifications and intermodel comparisons of ground heat exchanger (GHX) models used in building simulation programs. Several test cases are suggested. They range from steady-state heat rejection in a single borehole to varying hourly loads with large yearly thermal imbalance in multiple borehole configurations.

Condenser Heat Recovery in Air Conditioning Systems

This paper is based on the first Belgian case study developed in the frame of theIEA-ECBCS annex 48 project.

A study of large air to air heat pumps in a clothing store

This report describes the field trial undertaken at a Manchester clothing store with a gross floor area of 5950 m2, served by eight rooftop air to air heat pumps. The heat pumps have a design heat output of 61 kW each, and the data complements that which has been derived from earlier trials with smaller units. A description is given of the store and its services, with the instrumentation installed. Detailed instrumentation was applied to one representative floor, and the overall pattern for the store derived using this data and the known total loads and operating hours.

The dynamic wall as a solar collector

Residential heat recovery

The BRE low-energy-house laboratories