Briand P, Pontiggia P
Bibliographic info:
Belgium, Proceedings of Clima 2000 Conference, held Brussels, August 30th to September 2nd 1997

In 1993, the R & D Division launched the IntelChaud project with a view to improving the comfort provided by individual gas-fired boilers used for domestic hot water production. This study was conducted in partnership with two French boiler manufacturers and was therefore applied to two particular cases. The work performed for this study has led to substantial improvements in boiler control through the use of sophisticated numerical control systems. To make up for inadequate instantaneous power, a smart management system involving the combination of a boiler + storage tank was developed. The robustness of the control laws was tested by simulation. The management law for the boiler + tank unit was established on a simulator. To this end, fine models of boilers and storage tanks were developed on ALLAN.Simulation. This article describes how the simulators were used both to test the pertinence and robustness of the control and management laws that we developed and to study the potential domestic hot water production performance gains that could be obtained by making technical modifications to the systems under study.