Performance of a dual core energy recovery ventilation system for use in Arctic housing

The extremes of arctic climate pose severe challenges on housing ventilation systems, energy consumption and demand for space heating for northern remote community residential buildings. As a part of the overall effort to reduce space heating requirements, dwellings are built air tight to reduce heat losses. However, airtight homes require energy efficient and effective ventilation systems to maintain acceptable indoor air quality and comfort, and to protect the building envelope from moisture damage.

Analytical estimation of optimal minimum airflow for air circulation

Space conditions are directly controlled by terminal boxes in variable air volume (VAV) air handling unit (AHU) systems. The terminal box either modulates airflow or adjusts discharge air temperature. Conditioned space will have thermal discomfort by less air circulation if the airflow and discharge air temperature are not suitable. The objective of this study is to estimate an optimal value of the airflow and discharge air temperature, which maintains room thermal comfort.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, often do not achieve the same level as itachieved at commissioning. An appropriate system analysis for Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD)can save material and energy significantly. FDD technology optimizes the use of the components ofthe system, so that they only be replaced or corrected when they are no longer useful. This paperpresents a complete methodology of introducing warning signal component in building managementsystem, which gets automatically activated as and when faults occur.

Components of the air handling unit and air quality.

In this study, the odor generation of various components of air handling units was investigated. Results how that air handling system really can deteriorate the perceived air quality of the supply air. Almost all components seem to be sources of pollution, but differences between the components were significant. Used fiber filters seem to be the worst. A major reason for the pollution seem to be oily, dusty, and dirty surfaces.

Method of air parameters control while processing in air-handling units of HVAC systems.

Based on theoretical and experimental tests it was determined that the thermodynamic balancecondition in the working space of air-handling units (AHUs) of heating, ventilating and aircondltioningsystems (HVAC systems) is entirely defined by the humidity potential of thefinal parameters of air and water: @ = constant [1]. This makes it possible to put forward anew thermodynamic method for the analysis and calculation of heat and moisture exchange inAHUs of HVAC systems [2,3].