Berglund B. et al
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ASHRAE Trans, 1984 vol.90. part 1B, 1045-1055

Notes the increased attention being paid to "sick buildings" of the irritating type. Occupants complain of deteriorated indoor air and subtle medical symptoms that may be related to the indoor air. The problem seems to coincide with energy economising. To evaluate the actual quality of the air in a building it is necessary to conduct field studies with mobile investigation units, taking representative air samples for immediate sensory and chemical analysis. Concludes from field experiments in schools and offices that attempts to save energy by reducing ventilation rates have been taken too far. Recommends an outdoor air rate of at least 5-6 litres per person per second. Ventilation-by-demand systems using a single control substance should be adopted with great caution. If CO2 is chosen as the control variable, the limit value should be set not higher than 0.08 vol%.