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Challenges in designing for comfort – Comfort and energy use characterization in residential apartments

E. Rajasekar, R. Soumya, Rajan Venkateswaran, 2014
thermal comfort | residential buildings | adaptive criteria | cooling energy | field studies
Bibliographic info: 8th International BUILDAIR Symposium on Building and Ductwork Airtightness ,7-8 June 2013, Hannover, Germany
Languages: English

This article presents the results of a thermal comfort investigation carried out in a residential gated community located in a hot-humid climate.  The study comprises of real-time field monitoring of thermal comfort in representative apartment units and assessment of the utility and cooling energy consumption in these residences.  Utility energy consumption data of the residences for one year period was obtained and a survey was administered to identify the trend of air-conditioner use.  The results are summarized and used to validate a simulation model.  The pattern of comfort and energy use variation across the gated community was analysed.  The variation in cooling energy consumption and its relevance to the discomfort severity across residences was analysed.  This article presents the challenges in ensuring optimal thermal comfort for all units in such buildings and discusses the possible commercial value of thermal comfort.   

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