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Case study of a floor-integrated solution for heating and ventilation in a pre-cast concrete domestic building

Mathisen H.M., 2003
concrete | ventilation | heating | house | measurement
Bibliographic info: The 4th international conference on Cold Climat HVAC, Trondheim, Norway, June 16-18, 2003, Paper 101 , pp 6, 8 Fig., 1 Tab, 4 Ref.
Languages: English

The paper describes a system solution developed in Sweden for domestic buildings with pre-cast concrete units where the floor consists of a 0,06 meter thick concrete slab with a framework casted into the slab and a beam. The beams acts as floor beams forming a cavity of about 0,3 meter that are used for plumbing, electric installations and transport of air for heating and ventilation. The air is blown from the cavity into the rooms through narrow slots along the walls. Air for heating is recirculated through a ventilation plant consisting of filter, heating element and a fan. Used ventilation air is blown into the gravel beneath the basement slab.

At Stjrdal in Norway, a house with three floors was built during 2002 with this new system. This paper contains a description of the system with some measurements, and preliminary results of energy use.

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