Ferahian R H
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8th AIVC Conference "Ventilation technology research and application" Ueberlingen, West Germany, 21-24 September 1987

All the findings about indoor air quality is of little use to the average citizen, if they are not applied and and translated into rules incorporated in our building codes for the design, construction, and last but certainly not least maintenance of our buildings. And scientifically based up-to-date coders are not much use if they are not backed by strict , honest, and competent building inspectors. Recommendations are made for improvements in building codes to ensure good indoor air quality by concentrating, but not exclusively, on ventilation. Among the factors considered are: ensuring the good quality of the air intake, ensuring against its contamination by exhausts of the building or adjacent buildings, ensuring that energy conservation measures do not compromise thg quality and quantity of the required ventilation air, and ensuring good maintenance of the building services that determine the quality of the ventilation air throughout the lifetime of the building necessary for the health of the tenants. Our laws must ensure good air quality in our living and working habitat as an environmental human right with right of access to information necessary for citizens te determine the quality of their indoor air environment .