Abrantes V., Fernandes E de O.
Bibliographic info:
2nd International PLEA Conference, Crete, 28 June-1 July 1983. Passive and Low Energy Architecture, edited by Simos Yannas. Oxford:Pergamon,1983. p777-784

In this paper, an empirical method is proposed which qualifies the thermal performance of buildings through the entire year. The thermal quality parameter (BTPI) is intended to be an instrument for the implementation of new energy regulations for buildings, especially for those that are located in areas with mild climate and no heating or air conditioning systems. Portuguese climatic zones are typified for summer and winter and predominance factors for seasonal loads are defined. Thermal quality parameters are selected, mainlyfrom the CSTB (France) and NBRI (South Africa) lists and given a reference value. Comparison between actual values and reference values gives evaluation values for a given building, and these are weighted by the predominance factors and combined to obtain the BTPI.