M. Roger, S. Moreau, A. Guedel
Bibliographic info:
Fan Noise 2003, International Symposium, Senlis 23-25 september 2003, pp 1-9, 10 Fig., 8 Ref.

The analytical model described in the first part of the paper is partially validated here by comparing the theoretical results to experimental data collected in a series of model test experiments in an open-jet anechoic wind tunnel. The emphasis is on the validation of the trailing-edge noise model. A comparison is made with existing numerical computations in the literature. The transfer function is found to be roughly invariant with respect to flow conditions encountered on an isolated airfoil. Furthermore, a first application of the model to a cooling fan is presented. In view of the results, trailing edge noise is found to be a significant contribution, at least in the higher-frequency range.