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BIB 10: An annotated bibliography - Ventilation air duct cleaning - Office buildings

Limb M.J., 2000
Bibliographic info: Published August 2000, Code: BIB 10
Languages: English Pages (count): 58

This bibliography is aimed at those building professionals who are looking for an overview of current developments in duct cleanliness and design. The quality of the indoor air depends as much on the cleanliness of the equipment and ductwork it passes through before reaching the occupied space as it does on the quality of the outdoor environment. This bibliography will review the sources and types of contamination found in ventilation ductwork, including dust, oil residue, fungal growth, and chemical emissions. Protocols and maintenance regimes will be discussed with sections on when to clean, how often to clean (maintenance programmes and standards) and how to clean, covering many examples of common practice. Poor system design or common system problems that contribute to a deterioration in duct cleanliness will also be highlighted, with examples including filtration and duct leakage. The review will conclude with a selection of case studies and will contain approximately 100 bibliographical references.

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