Candas V.
Bibliographic info:
SFT Journée du 4 Février 2003 sur "Le confort thermique - Aspects psychologiques et physiologiques - Outils de diagnostics" pp 1-10, 4 Fig., 10 Ref.

Through the body is thermally neutral, it does not mean that there is a constant or equal thermo-equilibrium all over the body. There is a problem about the definition of the term "comfort" and the relationship between the thermal sensation and the affective estimate.
In this paper the author advises the use of a well-adapted thermoregulatory computer program that can calculate an optimal distribution of the different local skin temperatures compatible with the comfort. The input parameters in the simulation program will then predict the heat-exchange fluctuations and the model will predict all the local changes. They will be introduced into a psycho-physiological algorithm and the estimation of the discomfort risk should be made possible.