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Basic characteristics of low-cost houses in order to reduce the energy consumption for heating.

Dupagne A. Hauglustaine J.M. Laret L., 1981
building design | tight house | energy audit
Bibliographic info: LPB Report Liege University 1981 16pp. 8 figs. 4 tabs. 4 refs. #DATE 01:01:1981 in English
Languages: English

Describes a project undertaken for the CEC to build low-energy houses according to a particular design methodology, and to verify the efficiency and practical application of this design. Describes general site layout, climatic effects on the site, and design methodology as applied to the houses. Aims to undertake energy audits in each of the houses,including measurements of air temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, "steady state" behaviour and air infiltration. Will compare these measurements with the results of the proposed design methodology, with the final object of revising the manual design guide and producing a computerized version.

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