Caputo, P.; Oppio, A.
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27th AIVC and 4th Epic Conference "Technologies & sustainable policies for a radical decrease of the energy consumption in buildings", Lyon, France, 20-22 November 2006

The paper describes results of a Preliminary Study for the Plan of Quality of Living (PSPQL) of a townin the hinterland of Milan, conducted by an interdisciplinary group of researchers, involving alsofacilitators, town councillors, administrators, technicians and citizens. Main aim of the work is theevaluation of the most sustainable actions to be taken for improving conditions of living. A bottom-upand participative approach has been followed. A deep analysis has been carried out, elaborating a setof 27 indicators, defined with the help of the town councillors, administrators and technicians.Indicators investigated 6 different systems: environment, territory, mobility, society, economy andhealth. In topic environment, also energy consumption in public and private buildings has beenevaluated; a rough survey of energy performance of existing buildings and a protocol for improving ithave been carried out. Results of different indicators have been represented and communicated bygraphs, images and maps, with the help of GIS-based model. The study represents an importantexperience for developing actions for the sustainable development of communities.