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Analysis of low particulate size concentration levels in office environments

Meckler M., 1984
air change rate | air conditioning | air quality | air tightness | ventilation | health | mathematical modelling | measurement technique | modelling | pollutant | standard | multi-chamber | particulate
Bibliographic info: Indoor Air, Vol.2, Radon, Passive Smoking, Particulates and Housing Epidemiology edited by B.Berglund, T.Lindvall, J.Sundell. Swedish Council for Building Research, Stockholm, 1984. 209-214, 4 figs. #DATE 00:00:1984 inEnglish AIC bk,
Languages: English

Simulation methods and test results are presented here to confirm projections of actual total suspended particulate (TSP) concentration levels for representative office buildings, with particular emphasis on the 0.3 to 5 micron particulate si

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