Hoffmann W.
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Luftung im Wohnungsbau: Tagungsbericht zum Statusseminar am 4 und 5 April 1984 im Bauzentrum Munchen = Air Infiltration and Ventilation in Residential Buildings. Edited by L Trepte, A LeMarie. Cologne:Verlag TUV Rheinland, 1984. p175-183. 1 tab. #DATE 00:

Ventilation heat losses have been investigated in an experimental low energy house with active and passive solar energy use and an auxiliary heater. A measuring method was developed and tested which gave the possibility of dispensing with long-duration tests in occupied dwellings. The heat losses are dependent on characteristic data of the room and the diminution of the room temperature with time. Measuring error is less than 10%. An electronic battery-powered unit has been developed and tested for the quantitative determination of duration and frequency of window opening up to periods of 1000 hours. So the total window opening time can be ascertained. The function and efficiency of automatic window closing units has been investigated. Actual energy consumption was monitored and the inhabitants' behaviour influenced by this feedback was observed over one heating period.