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Analysis of building energy efficiency strategies for the hot summer and cold winter zone in China

Dongming Xie, Guoqiang Zhang, Jin Zhou, Quan Zhang, 2007
Energy efficiency strategies | energy consumption | exterior window shades | building orientation
Bibliographic info: Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China
Languages: English

In this paper, three typical cities (Shanghai, Changsha and Chongqing) in the hot summer and cold winter climate zone of China was selected to study and the energy consumption of a model building in these three locations was simulated by eQuest software. After comparing the result, the differences among them were shown in this paper. From the viewpoint of building energy consumption, solar radiation may be a positive factor in winter but negative in summer. With simulating and analyzing the influence of exterior window shades and building orientation on cooling/heating load and the amount of energy consumption of the model building in Changsha, the optimal overhang depth, fin depth and building orientation were obtained. Finally, based on the results obtained, some design strategies for energy efficiency buildings in the hot summer and cold winter zone are proposed.

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