Mark Bomberg
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10th International BUILDAIR Symposium, March 31/ April 1, 2017, Hannover, Germany

Environmental control (heat, air and moisture flows and their effects) started 90 years ago on Prairies of Canada and USA. It has always been based on occupant’s interest in a better indoor environment and driven by builders. More recently, when energy efficiency and durability considerations became part of socio-economic requirements of the society this part of building physics was shifted to the interests of governments.

In contrast to masonry Europe where masonry with lime-cement plasters provided both airtightness and high thermal mass, NA wood construction had none of them. Therefore, the process of integration between HVAC and enclosure became apparent some 20 years ago and the question “how tight is too tight” was brought up in the context of building physics.

This presentation will highlight key points of systems approach and tie heat, air and moisture considerations as they are evolving in now-emerging NA version of modern passive housing.


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