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Air quality in a simulated office environment as a result of reducing pollution sources and increasing ventilation

Wargocki P., Bako-Biro Z., Clausen G, Fanger P.O., 2002
indoor air quality | questionnaire | pollutant
Bibliographic info: Energy and buildings, Vol. 34, Issue 8, September 2002, pp 775-783
Languages: English

That study aims at proving that the use of low-polluting building materials leads to an improvement of the air quality. For the experiment the space of an office qualified as low polluting has been altered by introducing indoor pollution sources (such as linoleum, wooden shelves, books and paper documents) and an outdoor air supply rate altered too. The concentrations of VOCs were measured in those different conditions along with the perception of the air quality assessed by a panel of 30 female subjects.

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