Blomsterberg A.
Bibliographic info:
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, dept. of building construction report no.15 Jan. 1977 ISBN 91-85212-31-8 53p. 25 figs. 12 refs. #DATE 01:01:1977 in swedish BSRIA

Reports investigation whose object was to devise a quick and simple method for checking the airtightness of a whole building. Describes pressurization of building and gives results from 20 single family houses and five multifamily buildings. Finds that the majority of the multifamily buildings investigated conform to requirements in the regulations and about one half of single family houses satisfy the requirements stipulated for the transitional period. States when new regulations are introduced on 30 June 1978 only about 5-10% of small houses will, using present techniques, have acceptable airtightness.