Alireza Afshari, Alessandro Maccarini, Göran Hultmark
Languages: English | Pages: 2 pp
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43rd AIVC - 11th TightVent - 9th venticool Conference - Copenhagen, Denmark - 4-5 October 2023

Indoor air pollution is a significant concern due to its adverse effects on human health and productivity. With people spending most of their time indoors, exposure to indoor air contaminants can lead to various health issues, including respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, and even an increased risk of lung cancer and premature mortality. Additionally, poor indoor air quality can result in short-term symptoms like headaches, eye and throat irritation, fatigue, and asthma, impacting workplace productivity and absenteeism. To address these challenges, this study explores the potential of advanced air cleaner technology as an alternative to increased ventilation rates in buildings, focusing on an office environment...