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8th AIVC Conference "Ventilation technology research and application" Ueberlingen, West Germany, 21-24 September 1987

The proceedings of the eighth AIVC Conference contain 14 papers and 11 posters as follows: “Measurement techniques for ventilation and air leakage”; “Measurements of infiltration and air movement in five large single-cell buildings”; “Developments in a multi-tracer gas system and measurements using portable SF6 equipment”; “Tracer gas used to evaluate HVAC equipment”; “Appliance of infrared-thermography in examining air leakage of buildings”; “Draught measurements in ventilated and non-ventilated buildings”; “Data needs for the purpose of air infiltration computer code validation”; “Applications of a simplified model for predicting air flows in multizone structures”; “Use of statistics for predicting distribution of air infiltration”; “Thermal coupling of leakage flows and heating load of buildings”; “Ventilation rates and energy losses due to window opening behaviour”; “Ventilation requirements and demand controlled ventilation”; “An overview of the R-2000 home program design and Installation guidelines for ventilation systems”; “Design, construction and performance of a dynamic wall house”.

The supplement includes another ten papers and five posters: “Ventilation technology - aims of the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology in Research and Application”; “Eva1uation through field measurements of BNLIAIMS, a multiple tracer gas technique for determining air infiltration rates”; ”Simplified technique for measuring infiltration and ventilation rates in large and complex buildings: protocol and measurements”; “Field study comparisons of constant concentration and PFT infiltration measurements”; ”The effect of vapour barrier thickness on air tightness” “Simulation of CO2 concentration for determining the air change rate”; “Estimation of air infiltration in multi-storey buildings using wind tunnel tests”; “The moisture load in dwellings as a function of the layout of the rooms shown by ground plans”; “Prevention of moisture damage by ventilation of the foundation”; “The Eighth AIVC Conference' - Summing up”; “The use of modified constant concentration techniques to measure infiltration and interzone air flow rates”; “A study of the drying potential of various wood-frame wall systems used in Atlantic Canada”; “Flowrate measurements with a pressure compensating device”; “The development of models for the prediction of indoor air quality in buildings”; “A prototype expert system for diagnosing  moisture problems in  houses”.