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6th AIVC Conference "Ventilation Strategies and Measurement Techniques" Southern Netherlands, 16-19 September 1985

Contains twenty seven papers from the sixth AIC Conference as follows: Ventilation, the balance between energy and well-being; The infiltration component of ventilation in New Zealand houses; Ventilation research and characterization in three types of residences; A passive ventilation system under trial in UK homes; Indoor air quality and air exchange in bedrooms; Effect of unvented combustion appliances on air exchange among indoor spaces; Air exchange rates based upon individual room and single cell measurements; Multiple cell air movement measurements; Continuous air renewal measurements in different inhabited buildings; The reduction of air infiltration in an industrial laboratory; Ventilation. of factories; Advanced energy-efficient ventilation; Design for ventilation; Air quality and energy conservatioo by different ventilation strategies; Exploration of ventilation strategies in domestic housing. Theory and experimental results; Mechanical ventilation system requirements and measured results for homes constructed under the R-2000 super energy-efficient( home program; Indoor formaldehyde levels in houses with different ventilation strategies; Development of a simplified multizone infiltration model; Multizone modeling and air leakage analysis; Inhabitants behaiour with regard to ventilation; the use of windows. First heating season; Basic material for the instruction of occupants of homes. How, when and where to use your windows; Monitoring of ventilation and humidity in crawl spaces of dwellings; Ventilation strategies for crawl-spaces, attics, etc; Use of a single tracer gas for measurement of ventilation rates in a large enclosure; Improving the accuracy of a constant concentration tracer gas system; Ventilation system performance evaluation using tracer gas techniques; Ventilation efficiency measurements in occupied mechanically ventilated buildings.

Contains five supplementary papers: 'The performance of ventilation in an untight house'; 'Influence of open windows on the interzone air movement within a semi-detached dwelling'; 'Interpretation and error analysis of multi-tracer gas measurements to determine air movement in a house'; 'Inhabitant's behaviour with regard to ventilation. A report of the 57 work of Annex VIII'; 'A multi-tracer system for measuring ventilation rates and ventilation 69 efficiencies in large mechanically-ventilated buildings'