TN 19: 1986 Survey of Current Research into Air Infiltration and Related Air Quality Problems in Buildings

The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre's world wide survey of current research into air infiltration and related topics, provides organisations in participating countries with regularly updated information about ongoing research in this field. In particular, the major objectives of the survey are to encourage the international cross-fertilization of research ideas and to promote co-operation between research organisations in different countries.

TN 17: Ventilation Strategy - A Selected Bibliography

Review of literature on choice of ventilation strategy for residential, industrial and other buildings.

TN 16: Leakage Distribution in Buildings

Examines those factors which can influence leakage distribution, including building style, construction quality, materials, ageing, pressure and variations in humidity.

TN 13.1: 1984 Wind Pressure Workshop - Proceedings


TN 13: Wind Pressure Data Requirements for Air Infiltration Calculations

A review of the problems associated with satisfying the wind pressure data requirements of air infiltration models.

TN 11: The Validation and Comparison of Mathematical Models of Air Infiltration

Contains analyses of ten models developed in five participating countries. These range in complexity from 'single-cell' to 'multi-cell' approaches. Also contains numerical and climatic data for fourteen dwellings compiled to produce three key datasets which were used in model validation study.