Moldy houses: why they are and why we care.

Fifty nine houses, selected on the basis of previous measurements of mold levels, were subjected to field inspection, testing and monitoring and the occupants subjected to health evaluation questionnaires and testing of blood and nasal secretions. Data on house performance, mold growth and health has been compiled in an electronic data base available for future researchers. The work showed correlations between measurements of mold growth and immunological reactions of occupants and that mold growth appeared to be more related to local moisture sources than ventilation levels.

Smoke removal from atria. Desenfumage des atriums.


Numerical and experimental study of natural ventilation in multizone buildings.

Une revue des codes numeriques permettant de predire le comportement des batiments multizones montre nettement la difficulte qu'il y a a Jes evaluer par manque de donnees experimentales fiab/es. Apres une breve description des methodes de caracterisation de la permeabilite Jes plus repandues, la presente publication decrit une methode dite passive, basee sur la definition de scenarii lies a la morphologie du batiment. Cette methode est testee et evaluee sur deux batiments reels.

Soil gases and housing: a guide for municipalities.


Expert system feasibility study.

The purpose of this feasibility study was four-fold: