TN 5.2: Air Infiltration Glossary - English/French - Francais/Anglais

The glossary gives the translation (English/French - French/English) of more than 1000 terms related to air infiltration and ventilation.

This document is intended for use as a supplement to AIRGLOSS (AIVC TN 5). All terms in AIRGLOSS are included together with some supplementary materials for which definition was considered superfluous.

Natural ventilation for dwellings - A practical guideLa ventilation naturelle des habitations

This guide of 60 pages is written in French. It provides practical guidance to joiners for the installation of natural ventilation systems in dwellings. Firstly it explains in a few words the reasons for ventilating. Then it gives information about the requirements of the Belgian standard NBN D 50-001 "Ventilation systems for housings". The third part of the document deals with the material and its installation. This guide is intended to support the vocational training of young people. It is therefore written in a simple style and well illustrated.