IAQ '89 Conference papers.


Minimum ventilation rates to prevent condensation; a case study.

Moisture and mould in buildings have become fairly common problems in Italy, particularly since regulations aimed at energy conservation have been enforced in the seventies. Results of a case study conducted within IEA Annex XIV are presented in this paper. Two flats belonging to the same building (one with and the other without moisture problems) have been monitored during the winter 1987-88. Indoor temperature and air humidity, wall surface temperature and weather parameters were recorded for several weeks using two automatic data loggers.

The constant tracer flow technique.


Air Infiltration Measurement Techniques.

Tracer gas techniques have become widely used to measure the ventilation rates in buildings. The basic principle involved is that of conservation of mass (of tracer gas) as expressed in the continuity equation; by monitoring the injection and concentration of the tracer, one can infer the exchange of air. Although there is only one continuity equation, there are many different experimental injection strategies and analytical approaches. These different techniques may result in different estimates of infiltration due to uncertainties and biases of the procedures.