Simplified technique for measuring infiltration and ventilation rates in large and complex buildings: protocol and measurements.

The 'Simplified Technique' is a method by which it is possible to determine approximately the infiltration and ventilation rates of large and complex buildings. The aim is to provide a reliable and easy-to-use procedure for non-specialists. This paper describes a working protocol for using this technique. Results from computer model studies are given to provide guidance on use of the technique and its potential accuracy.

Ventilation rates and energy losses due to window opening behaviour.

This paper describes one of the results of the IEA-annex 8 "Inhabitants behaviour with regard to ventilation". Annex 8 has shown that the occupants can play a rather important role with regard to the ventilation rates inoccupied buildings. This paper gives some practical 'rules of thumb' for estimating air flow rates through open windows. An overview of measured and estimated ventilation rates in houses is given from which a simplified approach is derived that takes into account the air tightness of the building and the behaviour.