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ventilation rate

Energy, cost, and program implications.

The study recommends adoption of the new higher ventilation rates, but with the use of alternative occupancy densities. To verify compliance with Standard 62-89, the study recommends the method of taking a ratio of temperatures to determine percent outdoor air with a total supply air measurement to determine supplied outside air for each air handler serving the building.

Single sided ventilation.

We report on four new full scale experiments that were designed to measure the influence of wind on the ventilation and/or heat loss rates through single large openings: a) test-house with horizontal slit opening, set-up to measure internal pressures and the effect of air-compressibility (CSTB, France), b) attic with window ajar, set-up to measure long term ventilation rates with varying wind and temperatures (BBRI, Belgium), c) fully open window, set-up to measure ventilation rate and cooling as a function of time (BRE, UK) d) fully open window, set-up tomeasure cooling as a function of ti