Wind and pressure requirements for the validation of a multizone air air infiltration program.

In order to be validated, the computer programs simulating the air flows in multizone buildings need several measured data sets to be compared with. Such a set was measured on the LESO, a mid-sized administrative building. This set contains: a) The permeability coefficients (C,n) of the building obtained by guarded zone pressurization b) Pressure coefficients Cp measured in windtunnel and on the real building c) Tracer gas air flows measurements d) Corresponding weather data for two periods of 10 days on the non inhabited building.

Modelling solar data

The objective of this paper is to present validated mathematical models for estimation of hourly and daily solar irradiation on surfaces of arbitrary orientation and tilt from irradiation on a horizontal plane. Daily irradiation on a surface may still be estimated even if only the hours of sunshine are known. To do this regression equations have been established to estimate the hourly or daily diffuse irradiation, given the corresponding horizontal global irradiation.

Data needs for the purpose of air infiltration computer code validation.

A simplified model of air infiltration has been developed at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, in order to expand the use of air flow calculation techniques outside the field of research. The validity of the programme must be checked. Benefit has been gained from work dedicated to the same problem in the field of building thermal analysis. Following this idea, a detailed validation methodology is proposed. Progression in the complexity of the modelled structures, use of high accuracy data are sine qua non to this task.