ASHRAE's residential ventilation standard: Exegesis of proposed standard 62.2.

In June 2000 ASHRAE's Standard Project Committee on "Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings", SPC 62.2P, recommended and the Board of Directors approved ASHRAE's first complete standard on residential ventilation for public review. The standard is an attempt by the Society to address concerns over indoor air quality in dwellings and to set minimum requirements that would allow for indoor air quality and energy efficiency measures to be evaluated.

Indoor environment and air quality.

Guidelines for comfort.

ASHRAE Standard 55-1992, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy, is mainly a prescriptive standard intended for occupants with primarily sedentary activity. This article discusses some of the issues being addressed during the proposed revision. The proposed revision will include an analytical method based on the PMVPPD method, where different levels of comfort may be specified. Using the analytical method requires better dialog between the client (builder, owner) and the designer. 

Why manufacturers support Eurovent certification.


A standard for natural ventilation.

Architecture and engineering journals have been increasingly attentive to innovative non-residential buildings designed with operable windows. Such buildings may rely exclusively on natural ventilation for cooling, or may operate as mixed-mode, or "hybrid" buildings that integrate both natural and mechanical cooling. Architects who want to incorporate natural ventilation as an energy-efficient feature need to collaborate closely with mechanical engineers.

The introduction of ventilation efficiency in the Italian standard UNI 10339.

Designers, professionals and practitioners are currently making evaluations and sizing ventilation systems and apparatus in Italy on the basis of the Italian standard UNI 10339. This prescriptive standard is relatively recent, being issued in June 1995.

Code of Practice for ventilation principles and designing for natural ventilation.

This British Standard gives recommendations on the principles which should be observed when designing for the natural ventilation of buildings for human occupation.