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IQ-Test - Improving quality in testing and evaluation of solar and thermal characteristics of building components

IQ-Test is a Thematic Network supported by the European Community under the EESD Programme.The objective of IQ-TEST is to further develop common quality procedures for the PASSYS/PASLINK test cell facilities that exist in 12 European countries. This should consolidate thenetwork, integrate the new test sites and strengthen its common approach of support for new product developments in the field of innovative building components.Round robin tests are underway to assess both the inter-site quality of testing and analytical procedures of the participants.

"SOLVENT": development of a reversible solar screen glazing system

Preliminary experiments with a novel glazing system developed at the Desert Architecture and Urban Planning Unit of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev indicated that it may provide improved visual and thermal performance in buildings with large glazed areas located in sunny regions (hot and cold). In winter, it allows solar space heating but reduces glare, local over-heating and damage to furnishings caused by exposure to direct solar radiation.

Advanced façades and HVAC systems : preliminary results of full-scale monotoring

Double skin façades may help combine a high degree of transparency with high thermal and solar performance. Advanced façades serve as filters and may be responsive to changes in environmental conditions and occupant requirements. Since the strategies for

European research project PV-cooling : design, realisation, testing and comparative analysis of low electricity consumption photovoltaic cooling systems

The objective of PV-cooling project was to develop low electricity consumption cooling systems for dwellings and office building, powered through photovoltaic (PV) electricity. Two systems have been developed, one using PV and evaporative air-cooling, the other using PV and ground cooling through buried pipes.

European research project Airinstruct : integration of advanced ventilation building components and structures for reduction of energy consumption in buildings

The Airinstruct project objective was to understand the thermal performance of ventilated building components, namely ventilated roof, ventilated wall, solar roof and dynamic insulation.

The exploitation of solar energy for energy-saving ventilation

Performance of solar systems used to preheat ventilation air was investigated through long-term (several years) measurements on three buildings in Czech Republic. Buildings and results are described.

Optimization of energy performance of solar system using hybrid collector

Photovoltaic/thermal hybrid solar collectors (producing electricity and warm air) were simulated with TRNSYS software when used together with a heat pump and an auxiliary gas boiler in a complete system to produce space heating and domestic hot water.

Study of solar walls - validating a simulation model.

Presents a comparative study of four different types of solar wall, with the results obtained using a numerical simulation model. The model was validated using an experimental study of a composite solar wall. The first section of the article covers the presentation of four different types of solar wall, the Trombe wall, the insulated Trombe wall, the non-ventilated solar wall and the composite wall, then describes the experimental installations which enable the authors to obtain the measurements and the thermal study of the composite solar wall.