A review of ventilation and the quality of ventilation air.

Ventilation is pivotal both in terms of indoor air quality and environmental issues such as greenhouse gas emissions. It also has a major impact on energy use in buildings. It is important, therefore that the role md impact of ventilation is filly understood. The purpose of this paper is to review these aspects with particular reference to recent research and developments. Key aspects are concerned with the role of ventilation in maintaining good indoor air quality, ensuring the quality of the outdoor air and incorporating strategies to ensure good ventilation performance.

Energy efficiency in housing.

Foreign weather data servicing at NCDC

Duct cleaning - a literature survey.

An effort has been made to gather the information available about duct cleaning. The emphasis in the survey was on the hygienic aspect of the cleaning of supply air ducts. Most of the literature deals with cleaning of exhaust ducts. Guidelines for the cleanness of ductsurfaces have been given by some organizations, but the scientific basis for such guidelines needs more research.

Review of sick building syndrome.

This report is meant to give a brief survey of existing publications about the sick building syndrome. It reviews investigations from several different countries.

Guidance on energy efficiency in industrial buildings.

Douglas Haughey, BRECSU, highlights the need for authoritative guidance on improving the performance of industrial buildings.