Fundamentals of the multizone air flow model - COMIS.

The COMIS workshop (Conjunction of Multlzone Infiltration Specialists) was a Joint research effort to develop a multlzone Infiltration model. This workshop (October 1988 - September 1989) was hosted by the Energy Performance of Buildings Group at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Applied Science Division. The task of the workshop was to develop a detailed multizone Inflitratlon program taking crack flow, HVAC-systems, single-sided ventilation and transport mechanism through large openings Into account.

Environmental performance of buildings.

Describes IEA work in this area under objectives, simple or complex models, existing international liaison, problems, user friendliness as validation.

Sick building syndrome: a review.


Sick building syndrome.


Disadvantages of auxiliary air fume hoods.


Selecting "safe" material to improve IAQ.