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Monitoring on HR-vent hybrid ventilation project - first results

More than 700 million of measured data, 730 days, 55 dwellings: the HR-VENT hybrid ventilationdemonstration project applied in NANGIS (France) on a set of occupied collective dwellings is closely linked to its stakes. From January 2004 up to December 2005, the values of humidity, temperature, pressure, opening surface and gas appliance operation are saved every minute in all the wet rooms by specifically developed sensors.

Field investigation of indoor air quality in various chinese residential buildings

In recent years, the housing market in China has expanded tremendously due to economic development. Building envelopes have become more and more airtight because of improvements in building technology and concerns on energy conservation. But a lack of knowledge on domestic ventilation performance and difficulties in achieving suitable standards have led to more and more complaints from occupants, and reported cases of building related illness (BRI).

EU Reshyvent - Interim results

Within the EU RESHYVENT project four demand controlled ventilation systems have been developed, each one for a specific application field. The scientific support work for the industries has been reported in a number of documents. A number of these reports will be published as AIVC Technotes after completion of the project.

Design parameters for the performance assessment of hybrid residential ventilation systems

This paper summarizes the work within the EU RESHYVENT project in regard to design parameters for the performance assessment of hybrid ventilation systems. A framework for performance assessment based on simulation was developed. Performance criteria were defined for air flows, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, acoustics, energy, and emissions.

Dampness in buildings and health (DBH) : report from an ongoing epidemiological investigation on the association between indoor environmental factors and health effects among children in Sweden

The aim of this paper is to identify the link between indoor environmental factors and asthma or allergic symptoms among small children and their parents. That four-phases Swedish study will be lasting from 2000 until 2008 : First step : an epidemiological cross-sectional questionnaire on housing and health involving 14,077 preschool children (2000).Second step : a nested case-control study including 198 children with symptoms and 202 healthy controls.

Exploitation of solar greenhouse in ventilation system of building

The paper deals with on-site measurements of energy benefits resulting from exploitation of a solar greenhouse, which was created in the attic under the southward-oriented glazed roof for pre-heating of the ventilating air.This conception of the solar energy utilisation is used in the residential complex of the senior citizen home in Svitavy, 60 km north of Brno. Based on the data collected with the use of an automation monitoring system during the heating season 2001-2002, the main characteristics of the investigated solar greenhouse operation were established.

A study on the control methods for the radiant floor heating and cooling system in residential building

When applying the radiant floor cooling system using Ondol - the Korean traditional radiant floor heating system - it is important to select a precise control method to maintain a stable room temperature and floor surface temperature and prevent surface condensation. Therefore, it is necessary to systematize various control methods and to conduct a comparative study of the respective control methods so as to be able to control the radiant floor heating and cooling system efficiently.

Indoor air quality of an energy-efficient, healthy house with mechanically induced fresh air

Issues associated with indoor air quality (IAQ) and its impact on occupant health have prompted research into the design and construction of healthy houses. Most of the houses constructed have been upscale housing. An affordable, energy-efficient, healthy house was built at Tuskegee

Levels and predictors of endotoxin in mattress dust samples from East and West German homes

In so far as prevalence of asthma and allergies is different from East to West Germany, a suggestion that it was associated with lifestyle factors was made. The endotoxin levels in dust collected from more than 4000 infants and mothers mattresses were compared. But none of the predictors analyzed and even a combination of predictors can be used as a surrogate for high or low mattress dust endotoxin levels in epidemiological studies.

Estudio tipologico de los locales residenciales segun su sistema de ventilacion natural Study of local housings with their system of natural ventilation

In this paper, different types of local housings have been classified (housing with two facades, housing with two facades in angle or in corner, housing with facade and interior patios, housing with an only facade, embedded housings, in several heights) with the aim of defining the natural ventilation's parameters for them. Then simulations can be made with the selected types along with the validation of results.