Radon transport into a detached one-story house with a basement.

Describes a five month study which measured radon concentration, air exchange (ventilation) rate, weather and radon source parameters in a house near Chicago. Factors influencing radon entry rate were investigated. Discusses the measurements presented, noting some patterns in the data which are hard to explain. Applies two models for radon entry rate to high and low airborne alpha activity at the sump.

Domestic ventilation - an international comparison Beluftung von Wohneinheiten im internationalen Vergleich

Compares in tables international requirements for housing regarding ventilation requirements of the entire dwelling, plus kitchen, bathrooms and W.C.s, living rooms and bedrooms. Discusses them. Examines the efficiency of ventilation openings and the requirements made on them. Discusses air flow through a house and the effect of wind forces. Notes how effective pressure difference is affected by the distribution of joints and air leaks.

Pressure fluctuations on a square building model in boundary layer flows

Spatio-temporal measurements of a fluctuating pressure field acting on the side faces of a square prism of finite height in boundary-layer flows are presented for a zero degree angle of attack. Two typical neutral atmospheric flow conditions

Air quality measurements in low leakage houses

Results of air quality measurements are presented for a group of low-leakage houses located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. A total of 46 houses were tested for formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, radon, and humidity levels. The median level of formalde

Air flow around buildings - pressure measurements on flue outlets. Luchtbewegning om gebouwen - Drukmetingen aan afvoerkanalen.

Measures the pressure on the outlet of a flue on a free-standing scale model in the wind tunnel at IG-TNO, as a function of the height of the flue outlet above the roof, of its position on the sloping roof and the pitch of the roof.

Non linearity of pressure differentials induced by wind and mechanical ventilation.

When wind and mechanical ventilation effects work together simultaneously, the combined effects of the two cannot be given by simple linear summation. Investigates this non-linearity of pressure differentials by the wind tunnel test of a model building, and verifies its effect on air infiltration.

Model/model and full-scale/model comparisons of wind pressures on low-rise structures.

A wind-tunnel model study of the experimental building at Aylesbury, England has been conducted at scales of of 1:25, 1:50 and 1:100. Compares model results with those obtained in other wind-tunnel studies and with full-scale values obtained by the Building Research Establishment at Aylesbury.