Survey of micromanometers.

Surveys instrumentation for measuring pressures from about 0.001 to 50mm. of mercury (0.13 to 6650 N/sq.m.) described in publications during the years 1960-1968. U-tube micromanometers and diaphragm - capacitance gages are treated in considerable detail. Also describes gas column manometers; elastic element micromanometer with optical, inductance, resistance wire, strain gage, and vacuum tube transducers; piston gages; vane gages and centrifugal micromanometers. Discusses measurement of dynamic pressure, atmospheric pressure oscillations, low vapour pressure, and calibration techniques.

Ventilation of an enclosure through a single opening.

Discusses how building ventilation is affected both by steady mean effect of air pressures and temperatures around and within the building and turbulent nature of the wind causing air diffusion through openings and cracks in the building envelope. Studies ventilation of an enclosure with a single opening subjected to turbulent impinging airstream. Derives simple theoretical models to assist understanding of physical phenomena causing air-flow through the opening. Compares these with results of experiments on a large-scale model, states need forfurther work on this problem.