Man-made mineral fibres.


The significance of traffic related pollution levels and its dilution associated with altitude.

This paper identifies the significance of pollution at five sites amongst the worst on the British mainland hence indicative of other polluted areas within Europe. Three sites are located in London and one each in Birmingham and Cardiff. The pollutants examined are NO2, SO2, O3 and PM10. Newly proposed DOE figures defining poor air quality have been used to re-examine the frequency of excess pollution episodes between 1992-1995. The results identify the most appropriate periods for natural ventilation of offices in urban areas in terms of the hour in a day and time of year.

The effect of portable HEPA filtered air cleaning devices upon residential indoor particulate and allergen concentrations.

People who suffer from airborne respiratory allergies often advised to obtain and rely upon portable HEPA filtered air devices for relief. While this advice may work for some individuals, many allergic people do not experience relief or a lessening of symptoms. For allergic individuals for whom this mitigation strategy is not successful, the manufacturers' claims seem over stated.

Numerical Study of Airborne Particle Transport in an Operating Room

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling of particle transport has been applied for the control of airborne particles in the operating zone above the surgery table in an operating room. Based on the numerical results, it has been found that the particle source location, air (supply) inlet design, operating table location, and lamp design are among the critical parameters responsible for the particle distribution within the operating room.