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A source book on good practices for design, installation, and maintenance of insulated roof systems. IEA Annex 19 Low-slope roof systems.

The annex was formed to address energy issues related to low slope roof systems. The first task undertaken was the development of a sourcebook on good practices for design, installation and maintenance of insulated roof systems. The intent of the sourcebook is to provide a discussion of both real and perceived correlations between roof systems and to present information on recent roofing issues that have insulation implications. Annex members have identified and reviewed a list of 25 potential correlations between roof problems and insulation.

Fault detection and diagnosis in HVAC systems.

Within the framework of the work of Annex 25 of the International Energy Agency, the CSTB, in collaboration with different French research teams, is setting up a research programme on the methods of fault detection and diagnosis applicable to heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems (HV AC systems).

IEA Annex 25: A system concept for real time simulation of HVAC systems for building optimisation, fault detection and diagnosis.

The reliability, availability and the efficient use of the HVAC- and control systems will be emphasized in the use and maintenance of the buildings in the future. These characteristics can be affected byintegrated planning and product development.