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Effect of quality and maintenance of the ventilation to the indoor air quality.

The aim of this study was to find out the indoor air quality in the real estates of the state and what was the effect of ventilation to the indoor air quality in these buildings.

Lessons learned from the application of the Swedish Boverket-OVK procedure in Belgium.

In the framework of the Flemish “Kantoor 2000” research project, the BBRI invited a Swedish inspector to apply the Boverket-OVK procedure for checking the ventilation installations in three Belgian buildings. This experience was most illustrative for the actual status of ventilation systems in Belgium. The procedure being very simple to apply was still very effective and able to detect most problems with ventilation installations encountered in these buildings. To control the quality of ventilation systems, three aspects of the building process are important:

Compulsory ventilation checks.

Performance checks on ventilation systems carried out by the Swedish Board of Housing Building and Planning showed that approved systems (37%) are divided into blocks of flats (25%), office buildings (43%), schools (37%), day care centres (51%) and health