AIRLESS, A European project on HVAC systems: maintenance of HVAC-systems task two.

In the beginning of 1998 the European project, AIRLESS, was started to develop strategies,principles and protocols to improve and control the petiormance of HVAC-systems and itscomponents for the incorporation in codes and guidelines. The project is divided in 6 tasks.The Hermann-Rietschel-Institute deals with the second task of the project, the maintenance ofHVAC-systems. People stay approximately 90% of their lifetime in enclosed rooms. Theserooms are often served by HVAC systems. In recent years poor indoor climate has causedhealth problems in buildings.

Experimental impact valuation of fouling on extract air terminal devices performances: an accelerated artificial fouling approach.

A humidity controlled air flow terminal device works as a humidity sensor : its openingsurface varies according to relative humidity inside a room in order to match air flow rate topollution. These components are fouling up when used during several months.In a laboratory, an air flow with a high rate of particules is fouling up five identical air devicesin a few hours. Considering a constant relative humidity, the impacts on two devices aresimilar : it seems that artificial fouling tests can be reproduced.