Two air flow studies completed.

Discusses two completed annexes of the IEA Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems Programme, Multi-zone air flow modelling, and Energy efficient ventilation of large enclosures. For the former, it considers the tasks, the algorithm, the user interface, numerical reliability, evaluating potential user difficulties, comparing numerical predictions with experimental data, outcome and conclusions. For the latter, considers background and objectives, the tasks, the design principles guide, analysis and prediction techniques, case studies and outcome and results.

Design and operating concept for an innovative naturally ventilated library.

Recent years have seen increased use of natural ventilation, daylighting, and cooling techniques in UK buildings. This paper describes the design and operating concept of a large, naturally ventilated and illuminated city centre library for Coventry University in the UK. The novel design concept includes four lightwells acting as ventilation inlets, each of which is fed with fresh air from a plenum below the ground floor. A central lightwell and perimeter stacks draw air across each floor plate and provide air extract routes.

Displacing air conditioning.


HACTL super terminal 1.