Radon 3-month (12-month field study).


Indoor air quality test kit user manual.


Testing of heating and ventilation equipment with the duct test rig.

Canadian research into residential ventilation and combustion venting revealed that the installed performance of exhaust equipment, ducting passages, and site-built chimneys was largely unknown. It became necessary to establish actual characteristics in order to be better able to predict the safety and effectiveness of various ventilation measures. For this reason, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the federal agency responsible for housing policy, had a research device designed and fabricated.

Accuracy and development of tracer-gas measurement equipment.

1979 a project was launched at Technological Institute, Copenhagen with the purpose of developing a method for continuous measurement of air change rates in occupied dwellings. Today - 10 years later - we can introduce the first generation of mass-produced measuring equipment performing measurements of air change rates employing the method of constant concentration of tracer gas. The principles used in the first model, which was introduced 1981, are largely identical to those used in the latest model.