1st AIC Conference: Air infiltration instrumentation and measuring techniques (Book of Proceedings)

The proceedings of the first AIVC Conference are divided into five sessions: Alternative measurement procedures; Automatic monitoring using tracer gas techniques; Pressurization test methods; Correlation of tracer gas and pressurization measurements; Other measurements.

Using thermofoil heaters for the experimental determination of the air flow patterns in a room.

A new simple method is proposed here for the experimental singling out of the air flow patterns in a room. It is based on the use of a series of thermofoil probes, arranged in a lattice, that can be suspended at the ceiling of the room under test.

Determination of flow direction by a globe-sensor containing thermal anemometers.

Conventionally used thermal anemometers are able to measure velocity, but cannot determine direction. In the present study, a new kind of thermal anemometer is presented which consists of a 38mm-diameter sphere with 12 NTC resistances on its surface. Each of them is a single Constant Temperature Anemometer which takes measurements of the local heat transfer on the surface depending on the position on the ball.

A novel infrared absorption spectrometer for use in ventilation studies.

This paper reports the design, development, calibration and testing of a fast-response, multi-channel tracer gas concentration measuring instrument. The instrument uses aninnovative application of Infrared Absorption techniques to measure Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) concentrations. This approach allows the overall cost of a multi-channel continuous-recording unit to be reduced without sacrificing overall performance. A calibration over the range of 5.0 to 50.0 ppm V SF6 is shown. The current measurement resolution is 0.06 ppm V, and the accuracy is + or - 5.0%.