NRC indoor environment research facility.

This paper describes the new indoor environment research facility recently constructed at the Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council Canada. This facility allows full-scale testing and physical modelling of office space lighting, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, airflow and contaminant-flow patterns, ventilation, acoustical characteristics, and occupants' reactions to these parameters. The facility consists of a test room, approximately, 12 m by 7 m by 2.74 m high, with adjustable interior partitions.

Indoor climate and user interaction on modern Swedish one family houses - results using a questionnaire.

Disadvantages and advantages with different heating and ventilation systems in modern housing have been discussed during many years in Sweden. The discussion has intensified for modem low energy houses, where the use of forced air heating has increased during the last fifteen years, mostly in one-family houses. In many articles and the general debate diverging opinions have been presented concerning the thermal comfort, the air quality, the ventilation and the energy use in modern one-family houses with forced air heating.