Room Air Distribution and Indoor Air Quality of Hybrid Air Conditioning System based on Natural and Mechanical Ventilation in an Office

The characteristics of a hybrid air-conditioning system, utilising natural and mechanical 'task' ventilation, are investigated in an office setting. The characteristics of the indoor environment are examined by means of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations under various conditions of incoming outdoor air. The control of the task air conditioning system (VAV system) is included in the calculation through changing the supply air volume to keep the task zones temperature at a target temperature.

Numerical Analysis of Hybrid Ventilation Performance Depending on Climate Characteristics

This study, which formed part of the Annex 35 Hybrid Ventilation in New and Retrofitted Office Buildings project, was completed at LEPTAB and supported by the French Research Ministry and the ADEME (Agence De lEnvironnement et de la Matrise de lEnergie). It consisted of modelling a typical classroom and comparing different control strategies to estimate the performance of a hybrid ventilation system for different climates.