On the discomfort feeling caused by the draught. A huzat okozata helyi diszkomfort erzetrol.

The paper presents the results of the experiments accomplished in the Microclimatic Laboratory of the Hungarian Institute for Building Science on the problems of the discomfort feeling caused by draught phenomena.

A chart for predicting draught. Et diagram til bedommelse af traek.

Presents a chart for predicting the percentage of dissatisfied people due to draught in ventilated spaces, based on the results of a research project on perception of draught.

The assessment of thermal comfort in dwellings with evaporative cooling.

Describes approach based on the Predicted Mean Vote concept as a suitable index of discomfort for housing with evaporative cooling. This index accounts for all important environmental factors and in addition allows dynamic modelling of human responses to the thermal environment, such as adjusting clothing levels and metabolic rate. The computer program TEMPAL is used to predict internal environmental conditions within a dwelling. TEMPAL is shown to be sufficiently accurate for this purpose by comparing predictions with monitored conditions.

Evaluation of a room thermal environment quality. The UCRES comfort profile. Caracterisation de la qualite d'une ambience thermique. Le profil de confort UCRES.

The air velocities and air temperatures distributions within the occupied zone of a room were determined and the wall surface temperatures were measured, in steady-state conditions. For each one of the 5 selected comfort criteria, and at every point of a three-dimensional network, a comfort index, derived from the physical measurements, characterizes the level of discomfort. The data is then synthesized in the form of a comfort profile, taking into account not only the frequency of the 5 types of discomfort, but their intensity as well.