Use of passive stack systems in multi-storey dwellings: assessment of performance.

The use of PSV (Passive Stack Ventilation) systems in two and three storey dwellings is now widely accepted as a method of achieving adequate ventilation levels for indoor air quality control. However, the application of PSV systems to multiple-storey dwellings is, in the United Kingdom, in its infancy. This paper provides detailed performance data relating to extensive monitoring of PSV systems in multi-storey dwellings in three EC countries (France, Belgium and Holland).

Improvement of domestic ventilation systems.

The aim of the study was to identify methods for the renovation of ventilation systems in domestic buildings which are 3 - 8 storeys high. Three typical buildings were selected and the problems in ventilation were examined. The designers made their proposals for repairs and the research team analyzed the solutions and made improvements. The special problems compared with new buildings included less airtight building envelopes and leakages in existing ventilation ducts.

Intelligent building saves energy.

Unique air flow windows and dual air-conditioning systems provide occupant comfort and energy conservation.