Calculation of infiltration air exchange in buildings. Berechnung des Filtrationsluftaustausches in Gebauden.

Points out importance of ventilation heat losses in calculating total heat requirements of a building, and necessity of its analysis for multi-storey buildings. Describes bases and possible fields of application of a quick and efficient calculation method. Calculations demonstrate that ventilation heat loss varies considerably from storey to storey, and that a standard storey should not be used when calculating the heating surfaces required for individual rooms.

Air leakage measurements of the exterior walls of tall buildings.

Describes experimental method of determining air leakage characteristics of exterior walls of a building. Method involves pressurising the building with the supply air system and measuring flow rates of outside supply air and resultant pressure differentials across building enclosure. Uses results to obtain flow coefficient and exponent for exterior walls. Checks method by results of computer simulation of a building, finding good agreement.

Air infiltration into rooms in multi-storey buildings. Tobbszintes epuletek helyisegeinek filtracios levegogorgalma.

Presents simplified methods for the evaluation of the infiltration of air in industrial and public buildings. Relationships are illustrated by examples.

Air infiltration in high rise buildings Infiltrace vzduchu ve vyskovych budovach.

Provides results of measurements of air infiltration and natural air movement in 3 high rise buildings (flats, university, offices). Gives measurements of pressure differences at doors and windows and between windward and leeward sides of buildings. Determines air flow through selected rooms by CO2 concentration measurements. States that data have contributed information towards new edition of Czechoslovak standard CSN 06 0210 concerning infiltration heat loss calculation in buildings.