Use of a wind wing-wall as a device for low-energy passive comfort cooling in a high-rise tower in the warm-humid tropics.

This paper discusses the use of the 'wind wing wall' as a device for the passive low-energy 'comfort cooling' of the occupants in the interior of a tall building. The case study building is a 21-storey, high-rise office tower. the UMNO building designed by Hamzah and Yeang located in Penang, Malaysia which has been designed to be airconditioned, but can also be naturally ventilated if conditions are suitable. The paper describes cfd air flow modelling of the wind effects on the building and the effect on internal temperatures, air movement and ventilation.

Hybrid air conditioning system at Liberty Tower of Meiji University.

During design phase, Liberty Tower of Meiji University, a high-rise building located at the center of Tokyo Metropolitan area, several testing methods were applied to ensure the effectiveness of the various components used in the principle of hybrid ventilation system design. Its special design feature is the "wind-floor'', whereby the central core is planned to induce natural ventilation for every floor by creating stack-effect.

Energy and comfort orientated retrofitting of an office building.

A comprehensive concept for an energie and comfort orientated retrofitting is realised for an office high rise building ,,BS 4" (on campus at Braunschweig Technical University). This master plan will take the form of a research and developement projekt; a pilot realisation will be carried out on the 10th floor.

Field testing to characterise suite ventilation in recently constructed mid- and high-rise residential buildings.

This report characterizes ventilation in residential suites located in ten buildings in major metropolitan areas of Canada. All buildings were between six (6) and thirty-two (32) stories high and were built between 1990 and 1995.
Ventilation in mid- and high-rise residential buildings is a particularly complex issue to investigate and to discuss in a report.
This report answers three key questions:

High performance. Cutting energy demand and consumption.